• Knight

    The Knight

    The protagonist of this series. An Arkian veteran and devoted crusader of Triberus. A master of hand to hand combat, unmatched at an assortment of ranged weapons and can hold his own with melee weapons. Our story opens with him receiving word of a great threat returning.

  • ArchDruid

    The ArchDruid

    The immortal religious and political head of the Arkians. He's the big cheese. Hand chosen by Triberus himself.

  • Prophet


    The pathfinder. Abducted by the Arkians for his DNA, language and knowledge of earth. (Which is all very limited)

  • Kyle


    The mooch. He's been sleeping on Aran's couch, and failing to pay rent for some time now. Genuine and good-hearted, and by all means a very agreeable person to people with patience and low IQs, He has a positive attitude, unfortunately he can't be trusted with any responsibility due to laziness or naivety.

  • Aran


    The voice of reason, Aran possesses an ever rational, if a bit cynical view of things. Tends to be impatient and generally disagreeable, though he can be friendly when he's not vexed about something. Unfortunately, everything vexes Aran. Especially Kyle.

  • Herb


    Little is known about Herb other than the fact that he delivers pizzas, and not very well, at that. He tends to be lax about quite literally everything, to the detriment of those who put trust in him . Whether he's in a permenant substance-invoked stupor, or if he was simply born like this is a mystery.

  • Female Knight

    The Female Knight

    Because of very special circumstances, she is the only female Arkian to ever be given the rank of Knight. To the people of the Ark, she is held in great honour although that fondness is not shared between her fellow knights who view her as a mishap. She works tirelessly to prove her worth to her fellow Knights, and more importantly to herself.