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Heh. Unless you are the one with the mission. Then you see things differently. Perhaps...
As much greater undertaking and your possible lack of skill. Not necessarily as an honor.

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Very true. He doesn't seem to feel too honoured! He even said so on page 2! I reckon he's probably wishing that the other knight could go instead!

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Sooo... I finally managed to leave a comment. Hooray!

The tattoos are a lot of work, but they look really awesome. Also all the different aliens are great. And I like how you drew the water, it looks really mystical.

Looking forward to the next page! :)

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Well, thank you, Svenja!
It's good to know I have a few regular commenters now!
Fun fact: I hate drawing tattoos! But it looks pretty neat in the end, I can't wait to find an excuse for the Knight to put a shirt on...
And that water is such a pain in the ass too... Glad they left that room -.-
Laziness doesn't yield the most visually interesting comics, so I'm trying to challenge myself.

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Aran, this is awesome!! I'm loving the story!!! Congrats!!

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