Back after an unjustifiably long Hiatus.
Trying to go with a simpler artstyle to hasten production, any feedback is welcome


Main Squeeze
Boob Physicist
The new chapter begins! I really liked the first panel, the Ark looks seriously awesome! I don't know how you do that thing that makes your colours look glowy, but I like it.
Then there is the monitor and he's just so cute. I feel him. I wouldn't want to be the bringer of bad news. Poor thing. Also, the archdruid's sass is great. Can't wait for the next page!

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Thanks so much for your comment!
I'm glad you feel for the poor little monitor. He's under a lot of pressure, and suffers from anxiety.
And the Archdruid is incredibly sassy in general, I just realized that.

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Main Squeeze
Boob Physicist
The monitor's like me!

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Main Squeeze
Boob Physicist
Teehee, I forgot to mention the awesome sermon reminder :D

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The new art is still great- especially those colors!


"o snap not good nuh-uh i just wanna die"

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Thanks for the feedback, Snuffy! I'm glad the art still seems to be holding up.

And damn, I love those monitors, I'm gonna have more of them featured in the future. Or maybe, true to character, they'll just perpetually avoid confrontation and always be off-panel..

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Hardcore Arkian
LMAO, that squid creature :D :D
Hopefully someone recurring as I smell a comic relief character of sorts. Or the mascot :D

Interesting. Until now I thought most races are humanoid but this little guy is really just a... blob?

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Good to hear from you, Jak!

I hope this little guy sticks around, or even other ones of his kind just to add a bit of flavour.

Yeah, the Arkians are fond of genetic splicing and crossbreeding.. you get some really weird ones, which will be pointed out later.
Some of them turn out to be really useful, but also really unstable and incompatible genes that cause problems.
Good examples are the Psions and the main Knight ;0

Glad you're still keeping up! Thanks for your comment

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Hardcore Arkian
No problem! I am just double busy and in general cutting on the online world, haha.

I see. I think you mentioned that once already. Thanks. The question now is... how many races were artificially created? Or I guess it is not that direct. Other races maybe just absorbed some other genes.
Such implications are a bit dangerous though. You already showed unquestioned loyalty to a questionable cause so some Arkians might as well prefer to breed races capable only of utmost obedience to their Mew-Two master...

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The Real Kyle
If you look at our website on the top bar theres a section called races, That section of the website has a breif explanation of the extensive difference between many of the different Arkians.
This hasnt been explained much in the pages yet to avoid a exposition dump but its all there waiting to be read ^_^

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Hardcore Arkian
Ooh! I see. Thanks. That helped :D

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